Welcome to the Beat The Odds Inc. Foundation



“Though the odds were heavily stacked against me, I had a burning desire deep down to break out of the inner-city and into a world of opportunity. My passion as a professional football player would not be if I were not able to conquer the obstacles that hardened my childhood. The cycle of poverty, addiction, and hopelessness has impacted our communities for too long. I have built my foundation with the mission of serving those suffering from impoverished conditions and facing life hardships, and now it’s our job to help them defeat and win their battles.”

Michael Oher
President | Beat The Odds Inc.



Upcoming Events


Foster Care of Charlotte Clothing and Back to School Drive

Beat The Odds Inc. is hosting its first annual Foster Care of Charlotte Clothing and Back to School Drive. The drive will consist of an evening of entertainment, food, autographs, and gifts for the foster care children of ElonHomes.



Beat The Odds Inc. will host a free football camp and clinic in the inner city of Nashville, TN. The camp will include parent workshops, tutoring workshops, community service as well as football performance training instructed by professional athletes. The camp actively promotes the organization’s purpose and enables youth to gain access to educational resources, as well as providing a safe haven for sport.  The annual free football camp is funded through fundraising activities that include both monetary donations, and product based donations.



Beat The Odds Inc. will host a football camp fundraiser in the Nashville, TN community in an effort to raise awareness and funds for the organization.  The fundraiser will consist of partnerships with local organizations, and be conducted by professional athletes. The camp will run annually in the month of June and will be funded through sponsorship and admission fees. 



Beat The Odds Inc plans to host bi-monthly life skills, education, and mentorship seminars for children in need within the Nashville, TN area.  The seminars will take place on a bi-monthly basis and will consist of guest speakers, motivational speakers, guidance and educational workshops. These seminars are funded through monthly and yearly fundraising activities, sponsor support and regional monetary solicitations prior to said activity.